Auto Repair at Diamond Auto Center

Our service advisors and technicians have been working together for decades to provide safety and reliability advice to generations of customers.

Our advice is centered on keeping you and your family safe while keeping your car running for as long as possible.

Personalized Notifications. Our new auto service system notifies you (and us) of upcoming OEM maintenance due (like 30k checkups) and for PA Inspections. All specific to your cars. Plus you can see all your service records online.

We offer a full line of warranty, diagnostic, repair and overhaul services. We are a certified PA inspection and emissions provider. Our master mechanics gladly diagnose and repair more complex projects.

Contact us at or via 215-887-2345.

Factory Warranty Maintenance

* Lube, Oil & Filter
* Intermediate Service
* Minor Services
* Major Service
* Timing Belt
* Tune Up Service
* Transmission Service
* Radiator Flush

Complete Automotive Diagnostics

* Coolant Leaks
* Smog Test Diagnostics
* Oil Leaks
* Computer Controls
* Trans Fluid Leaks
* Anti-lock Brakes
* Gear Fluid Leaks
* Engine Diagnostics
* Noise & Vibrations
* Climate Control

Suspension, Steering & Brakes

* Brake Inspection
* Drive Axle
* Calpier Overhaul
* Steering Components
* Fluid Flush
* Struts & Shocks
* Master Cylinder
* Wheel Balancing
* Disc & Drum Surfacing
* Wheel Alignment

Transmission & Drive Line

* Rear Wheel Drive
* Automatic Trans Repair
* Front Wheel Drive
* Standard Trans Repair
* Drive Axle Boots
* U-joint Leaks

Engine Repair & Overhaul

* Valve Job
* Timing Components
* Cylinder Head Repair
* Oil Leak Diagnostics
* Complete Overhaul
* Coolant Leaks